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Case Management




Our case management software application is an intuitive browser based product which allows an agency to properly and efficiently manage their caseloads of each officer. This is accomplished through logical screen organization, case designation, user defined dashboard, detailed reporting and efficient court documents.


Financial Management




Financial management allows the setup of probationer's financial obligations to the court. This includes Supervision Fees, Courts Costs, Fines and Restitution. The system allows receipting against these fees and will calculate the proper payouts to the appropriate agency. The system provides for daily balancing, reporting, reconciliation and administrative statistical reports.


Letters & Legal Documents




While reviewing and working on a case, a user - on demand with a click of a button - can produce various form letters and court documents all populated with case information and formatted for the specific agency. The system pre-fills the custom built template document with the specific information from the individual case.






A complete comprehensive reporting module is available which allows for reports based on caseload compliance, departmental, financial, batch and administrative needs. Reports are produced & formatted into various industry standard programs for easy storage, sorting and distribution.



Paperless Office



In today's environment, leaving a smaller carbon footprint and being environmentally friendly is important. The CSS application provides you a means to becoming paperless through digital photographs, document scanning, chronological case notes, and archived documents - all kept and viewed electronically.


Other Services


Other Services



Our state of the art application software can be utilized in several disciplines in the community corrections market. Some of these disciplines include:

  • Pretrial Services
  • Juvenile Probation
  • Juvenile Detention
  • Private Probation
  • Specialty Courts
  • Adult Probation


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