Company Overview

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Corrections Software is a systems integrator specializing in the development and integration of local government data processing solutions for Probation Departments. We have served the needs of over 200 probation departments throughout the nation since 1994.

As a major provider of custom software, CSS provides a case management solution to manage the caseloads for probation, private probation, juvenile and juvenile detention. We will take our base products, enhance for your department while continuing to add the best practices found throughout our market place. Our goal is to automate the department to improve efficiency, employee morale, and administration effectiveness. We want to automate and improve the efficiency of the office through eliminating repetitive processes and improving operations on the volume processes.

We offer a web based application solution which we host on our cloud based servers or can be hosted locally within your network. We offer interfaces with industry standard business application tools which brings the customer up-to-date with technology and provides the best service and support available.

Our mission is to provide superior service with advanced application software to existing clients while expanding our market share and developing new market relationships which will build business diversity.

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September 30 – October 3, 2018

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